Educational Programs: Schools, Birthday’s, Special Events $300

With Shedskin Reptiles you will host the most exciting event that your guests or students will not soon forget! We bring over 30 animals which includes snakes (both large and small), a great variety of lizards, turtles, tortoises, frogs, spiders, scorpions and yes, we even bring the hissing cockroach! For an hour you will have a hands on experience that is both educationl and fun. To book your event call 209-831-9051. Custom programs available based on your groups needs should you need multiple presentations on the same day, have larger crowds, etc. All rates begin at $300.00 and go up based on group needs. 

No deposits are required to book an event and there is no mileage charge for local shows. For details on what is considered local please contact Jeff Porto at the store.

Payment for all events is due on the date of service. If you are a school, library, corporation or group that has special contract requirements please get those requirements to us immediatly so we may complete them on our end. © Shedskin Reptiles 2016