Vacations are possible! Only $2per day, per pet plus cost of food.

For only $2.00 per day plus the cost of feeding, Shedskin Reptiles offers a great allternative in pet care. Call Jeff for more info on boarding your pet with us. We will only accept healthy animals in this program. Must sign contract and abandoned animals will rescued.

Nail Trimming: 


Store Purchase/Return Policy:

Although our return policy is posted we have found that very few people actually read it. 

Shedskin in one of the only stores that will allow you to return a dead animal within 14 days with a few conditions. If these consitions are NOT met the animal will not be replaced. 

1) When Purchasing you must buy the keepers manuel

2) You must purchase the full set up from us and not change that set up. For example, if we tell you not to use sand and you do so anyway, and you animal becomes impacted due to consumtion of sand, the guarantee will not be honored as you did not follow basic animal keeping instructions. Another example is all reptiles require CALCIUM and many require both CALCIUM and UVB lighting. It is your responsibility to first research your desired animals habitat and then maintain the appropriate habitat for optimal health. 

3) You must return the deceased animal to the store otherwise we have no way of assessing possible cause of death and/or that the animal is dead. 

4) You must have your original receipt.

As with all our purchases animals and supplies, refunds are only made in the form of store credit with the original receipt. NO EXCEPTION If we do not have the animal or supplies you are returning we will have your supplies the following week, or we will have the animal, depending on how rare, no later than the upcoming breeding season. OR, you may use store credit for a different purchase altogether. How you use your store credit is up to your discretion. In the case of Zoo Med Products they will honor returns for even a longer period of time. Simply follow emailing instructions on the box and send a copy of your receipt to them. 

It is rare when we have incidents of death. However, when dealing with the sales of living animals, sometimes things happen. We will do everything in our power to offer you the very best customer service possible. © Shedskin Reptiles 2016